What Causes Right Sided Chest Pain?


Causes of chest pains on the right side include gallbladder disease or gallstones. One of the major clues that an individual is suffering from gallbladder disease or gallstones is pain in the right shoulder blade. This pain starts under the shoulder blade and spread out. The liver is found just below the rib cage therefore when it is injured, the pain will also be felt just under the right side.
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Gallbladder problems can cause right-side chest pain. If your notice that your pain is sharp and originating in your right abdomen, then gallstones are a likely cause. These may be
If you are experiencing chest pains you should consult a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) as soon as possible.
Since late last Saturday night I have had severe pain on the right side of my chest, right underneath my breast. It hasn't gone away. It's an aching pain, and it really ...show more
The gallbladder causes pain in the upper right abdomen that
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Right sided chest pain can be caused by overexertion of chest muscles, viral infections like flu, pleura inflammation, and digestive tract problem. The condition can also be caused by gallbladder diseases, gastritis, liver inflammation, injury, and side effects of antacid. This pain may also be caused by hepatitis, psychic stress, food blockage, presence of a tumor, or pull in the muscle of the chest.
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