What Causes River Pollution?


River pollution is caused by agriculture, factories and people. River pollution comes in many forms such as rubbish like bags, oil, human waste or excrements, cans or bottles and poisonous substances such as factory effluents.
Q&A Related to "What Causes River Pollution"
The entire Yamuna River right from its origin to confluence with the Ganga & its tributaries are subject to human activities, which directly or indirectly affect the water quality
There are a lot of causes for water pollution but two of them are the main ones. They are called indirect and direct sources. Direct sources are when factories dump out their waste
Land pollution is caused by domestic and nuclear wastes, industrial wastes, deforestation, human sewage, mining and other factories and increased mechanization. Chief soil contaminants
Pollution causes many things, it can damage eco systems, climates and the atmosphere. It may not have a huge impatc on our lives at the moment but when it starts getting worse and
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