What Causes Rust?


Rust is a type of corrosion; it is the slow breaking down of metals due to contact with air or water.
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Rust appears as small reddish or purple spots on the top of peony leaves and brown blotches on the underside. Over time, these small, circular marks grow into larger, more irregular
Rust is caused when any corrosive metal[mostly iron] is affected by moisture.This causes the metal to oxidise[combine with oxygen from the water] and become a metallic oxide,which
It is actually the spore Clostridium tetani found in the dirt, not the rust that causes
Grass fert. - if they are small BB sized - it has iron in it. k.
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Rust is caused by the mixing of the metal with oxygen from the water in the air. Over time, this causes rust on the outer layer of metal.
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