What causes seizures in older dogs?


Seizures in older dogs may stem from tumors, diabetes or kidney disease, according to Pedigree. Another possible ailment can be Cushing's disease, a microscopic tumor that is located in the pituitary gland.

According to Vet Info, other likely causes are lyme disease or blood poisoning. Kidney disease can cause toxicity in the blood and acidity in the kidneys, which can lead to seizures. The most common causes of seizures are injuries, tumors or ingestion of a toxic substance. Seizures can also be related to heredity. Pedigree also adds that seizures in older dogs can be indicative of canine epilepsy, but this is uncommon if the dog has never exhibited epilepsy throughout his life. A seizure is usually symptomatic of a larger problem, and there are different types of seizures.

One type is a seizure in which the dog experiences short convulsions lasting a minute or two. Sustained or repeated convulsions are more serious and require the immediate attention of a veterinarian. When a seizure occurs, it is best to hold the dog in place. Pet owners should also keep their hands away from the dog's mouth since there is a chance of being bitten.

Vet Info also names likely symptoms, such as sudden collapse, involuntary bowel movement and trembling. An ailment of this magnitude requires medication for the rest of the animal's life.

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A seizure is a series of abrupt convulsions, spasms or twitches sometimes caused by electrical impulses in the brain, induced by some level of disease. A seizure can begin as a sequence
Dogs have seizures due to a lot of different reasons. There is canine epilepsy which is the major cause. There are also allergies, tumors in the brain, toxins, lime disease and distemper
Some dogs with birth defects can have seizures, and also some dogs with brain problems could have seizures. I think dogs with asma can have seizures too.
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What Are the Causes of Seizures in Older Dogs?
Unexpected seizures in dogs can be frightening for both owner and pet. When dealing with seizures in older dogs, it can be helpful to have information regarding possible causes in order to determine an appropriate course of action.... More »
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