What Causes Skin to Peel from Bottom of Feet?


Skin peeling on the bottom of the feet can be caused by different things. A fungal infection is the most common cause.
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There is nothing you can do to stop it
I often have white peeling skin on the bottom of my feet. I think it is dead skin. It often appears in a circular form. The white skin goes away after a few days, but then it appears
Not medical advice: To remove dead skin from feet, you can try to use cup of white distilled vinegar & two gallons of warm water.
Accepted Answer Hello! What you describe sounds more consistent with a pain generated by the nervous system. This could be due to a peripheral neuropathy. Do you have any medical
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Skin peeling off the bottom of the feet can be caused by many things. For example, dry skin and athletes feet can cause skin peeling. If moisturizer does not cure the peeling, one should consult with their doctor.
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