What Causes Soil Erosion?


Soil erosion is caused by various factors such as wind, water, frozen rock erosion and gravity. Gravitical erosion occurs during a landslide; whereby, gravity is the principle force in the erosion, while water erosion occurs in an area where there is a large mass of soil, which it is not properly protected from the forces of water.
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Local climate conditions such as rain and wind often lead to soil erosion. Raindrops dislodge surface soil, and excessive rain can lead to runoff, which pulls large amounts of soil
Soil erosion is mainly caused by rain, wind, flooding, overgrazing, soil exhaustion and deforestation.
Climatic factors for soil erosion include amount/intensity of precipitation, average
Water and air, in that order.
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What Causes Soil Erosion?
Soil erosion is a serious concern for farmers, homeowners and anyone who cares about the environment. It reduces the viability of farmland, undermines roads and other structures, and can lead to natural disasters like mud slides. Numerous factors lead to... More »
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Soil erosion is caused by flow of water or wind on the earth's surface, dragging the soil cover with it. It is determined by factors such as intensity of precipitation, ground cover, the type of soil, the presence or absence of windbreaks among others.
Soil erosion is caused by many natural and man-made factors: the loss of vegetation after a major forest fire; deforestation, such as for cattle grazing or development; uncontrolled land use; and poor agricultural and forestry practices.
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Deforestation and soil erosion causes floods and droughts, as upper layers of soil become vulnerable to water and wind erosion. Rain hinders the regeneration ability ...
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Transported soil is a soil that is brought from another area. It is carried in by rivers and the wind blowing. Soil erosion is what causes transported soil. ...
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