What Causes the Moon Phases?


The Moon phases are caused by the orbit of the Moon around Earth. As the Moon orbits at times the Moon is fully visible or part visible to the Sun. The areas of the Moon that are visible by the Sun are hit with sunlight. Therefore outlining the Moon in the sky by different shapes or a full Moon.
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The phases of the moon are determined by the relative positions of Earth, the moon, and the sun. When the sun is shining on the sun only half of the way it would be either a 1st Quarter
Just like the Earth, the moon has a day side and a night side. Depending on the angle between the sun and moon in the sky, different portions of the moon are periodically seen, lit
The moons position changes daily. Different sections of the moon's face is
The phases of the Moon are due to the movement of the Moon around the Earth. As the Moon revolves around the Earth different phases are seen. One important thing to note here is that
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The revolution of the Moon around the Earth causes the Moon to appear to change shape in the sky.
Moon phases are the result of the Moon's own shadow -- like Earth, only one half of the body is lit at a time. More >>
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