What Causes the Skin on Foot and between Toes to Blister and Peel?


When the skin on your foot, and in between your toes blisters and peels, this could be from you having athlete's foot, or a fungal infection. You can get over the counter medication for this, but going to the doctor would be a better option.
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When the skin burns from over exposure to the sun, the damaged skin begins to peel and reveal fresh skin beneath. Sunblock can be an effective prevention method to this kind of skin
Skin peeling between the toes can be brought on by foot
get a new pair of shoes that fits well on your feet. those signs you mentioned are most likely caused by friction. can be by your footwear, walking barefoot, or any act that makes
Skin peels so that dead cells can be eliminated and new cells can emerge. Several different conditions can cause the skin on the area of the toes to peel. They include athlete's foot
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