What causes tingling lips?


Common causes for tingling lips include chapping from exposure to the wind and sun, herpes simplex virus infection, which causes cold sores, and allergies. Tingling in the lips is not a disorder by itself, but rather a symptom of a disorder. Tingling in the lips may be experienced as a dry, burning sensation, pins and needles, or numbness and warmth, notes WebMD.

There are numerous causes for tingling in the lips, and they range in seriousness from common chapped lips to life-threatening emergencies, such as stroke. While many causes for tingling in the lips are benign, tingling in the lips can also be due to a wide range of serious medical conditions, including malignancies, diabetes and thyroid problems, as listed on WebMD. It is important to consult a doctor to find the cause of the problem and rule out serious health issues. Immediate medical attention is required if the symptoms of lip tingling also include confusion, lethargy, changes in eyesight or the onset of a sudden and severe headache.

Tingling in the lips indicates some damage or irritation to the nerve endings, according to Better Medicine from Health Grades. There are countless nerve endings in human lips, which make them extremely sensitive to changes in air temperature and exposure to sun and wind. It also makes them sensitive to changes that occur within the human body. Tingling in the lips may present by itself, or it may present with other symptoms in addition to the tingling.

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What Are the Causes of Tingling of Lips?
Lip tingling may also be referred to as lip paresthesias. Lip tingling may be the result of a reaction, or it may be a reoccurring symptom of a condition or disease. Treatment for lip tingling depends upon the underlying cause for the sensation.... More »
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