What causes tire noise?


There are various reasons as to why car tires make noises and they may be: due to heavy load, low inflation pressure, bias tire, operating at a higher speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking, tread movement and cornering at high speeds. However, it is important to note that certain types of tires produce lower levels of tire noises.
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Usually when you hear a noise the tire is defective. Inspect the tire for a bubble.Good luck mike.
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There are any number of things that can cause tire and noise and the most common is simply the type of tire tread on the vehicle. Tires that are meant to carry a heavy load will make more noise than light load tires.
There are several things that can cause tire noise. The tire may be low on air or it may have a bubble or nail in it.
If your tire makes noise while driving it could be due to a problem with the tire. Check the air pressure in the tire to make sure that it is properly inflated. Also, be sure to inspect the tire tread for any faults and replace the tire if necessary.
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