What Causes Tongue Ulcers?


Depletion of the body's essential nutrients causes tongue ulcers. This is correlated to stress, lack of sleep, general physical fatigue, injury by biting, viral infections, oral thrush, oral candidiasis, herpes and cancer. Hot beverages are also a known cause of tongue ulcers.
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Ulcers in the tongue are caused by having less vitamins in the body.
acidic/citric foods & drinks can cause an breakout
Pyoderma gangrenosum is a rare disorder of the immune system that causes large ulcers on the skin, usually on the legs. The ulcers, or sores, start small but can grow much larger.
Heya, Causes of ulcers on tongue are varied. These include the consumption of food items which are too hot for your tongue to handle. Coffee and tea are beverages that are usually
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Tongue Burn
A tongue burn is a common ailment. Standard first aid treatment for burns also applies to a burn of the tongue. To avoid infection, rinse the area with cool water, remove dirt or particles, and hold a wet, cool, clean cloth on top of the burn. A mild tongue burn may be a nuisance, but will eventually heal. Serious burns require immediate medical attention. A burning sensation on the tongue without having burned it is called burning tongue syndrome. More »
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Ulcers on the tongue are caused by food allergies, lack of oral hygiene, lack of sufficient sleep, and deficiency of B vitamins, zinc and iron, sudden weight loss, and, hormonal changes. These ulcers are also caused by tongue damage or trauma. Mouth ulcers are open sores inside the mouth.
The major causes of tongue ulcers include stress, poor sleep habits, and allergies. It may also result from tongue damage, such from hot beverages, biting of the tongue and physical injury among others.
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