What Causes Traffic Congestion?


The major causes of traffic congestion include inadequate road capacity, poor planning rules in cities and towns, careless driving, and road accidents among many others. Traffic congestion is taken to have negative economic impact to a country.
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According to the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) there are five billion hours per year of traffic congestion in America. Everyone has experienced traffic congestion
*Inadequate road capacity; *Planning rules that cram people into towns and cities without commensurate increases in road capacity; *Greater use of cars due to the need for personal
Poor road design.
Because there are a lot of cars, some of which are driving slowly. This is explained scientifically in this research study: http://iopscience.iop.org. /1367-2. The physical mechanism
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Many factors can contribute to traffic congestion, but the most basic explanation is that the number of drivers trying to use the same road is so high that it goes beyond the road's capacity to handle cars.
As more cars enter a crowded road, drivers have to use their brakes to avoid collisions, creating a traffic wave. A traffic wave occurs when cars slow down, and the slowing trend continues backward -- like a domino effect.
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