Cause of Uncontrollable Shaking?


Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, fatigue and brain tumours are the causes of uncontrollable shaking. Parkinson's disease occurs when a specific part of the brain that mainly deals with controlling muscle movement of the hands and the legs, gets damaged. Electrical fluctuations in the brain due to brain tumours cause violent shaking.
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Often if a cat is cold and has short fur, it tends to shiver or shake. Because they are mammals, they have warm blood so they aren't used to the cold. Just like the human body, we
It could simply be nerves or it could be restless leg syndrome.
Shock, fear and unresolved issues. Your X sent you a message, whatever happened between you, that message caused you shock. Someone threatened you, shock. This is a normal response
There are a number of different way for what causes shaking. Emotion is one of the reasons, medication, alcohol, dystonia, and neurological disorders. For more information look here
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