What Causes Veins to Burst?


There are several possible causes for veins to burst. This would include any kind of trauma such as bumps or bangs. This then results to bruising or what is also known as ecchymosis. A low platelet count can lead to having thin blood which can also result to more fragile veins, causing it to burst.
Q&A Related to "What Causes Veins to Burst"
Well obviously if something goes in your hand and in your vein then it would burst and bleed. Because that happened to my nose.
Age causes blood vessels to weaken over time. If a blood vessel is weakened enough, blood pools to cause varicose veins to swell and, in rare instances, burst. Varicose veins are
My understanding, which I read somewhere, is that veins have valves in them, to prevent backflow. A design feature of the Creator. If the blood pools in a person's legs from standing
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