What Causes Water Blisters?


Blisters are often referred to as "water blisters" due to the fact that clear fluid is trapped between layers of skin. These can be caused by such things as infection, inflammation, trauma, and allergic reaction.
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When an ear becomes infected, symptoms and the degree of symptoms will vary depending on the cause. Ear infections can cause itching and blisters to form on the outer ear and or in
The most frequent cause of water blisters is repeated friction. Water blisters most
herpes virus or allergy to the sun. The Herpes virus that causes lip blisters is not an STD, it is a virus called Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HPV1) The sexually-transmitted disease
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Water blisters are caused mostly by friction. This is due to warm and wet skin not being able to handle the heat generated by kinetic energy from friction with bats, racquets, shoes, tools among other hand held equipment. Other causes include chicken pox, spider bites, herpes, shingles, sunburns, chemical reactions, scabies, bedbugs and touching poison ivy or sumac.
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