What Causes Watery Mouth?


A watery mouth can be caused because you are pregnant, you are hydrophobic, you have stomatitis, or by having chronic gastritis. You could also have a saliva production problem, or perhaps you want a meal really badly.
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Hunger, desire. You're hungry and you see food your mouth waters up :P. You see something you really like also :D.
The most common cause of watery eyes is dry eyes. The eye produces tears, which help to lubricate the eye as well as wash away irritants. The second major cause is allergies. Other
Reflux is possible, you may be starting to vomit. Even if this isn't the case, your body normally produces a lot of watery saliva when something unpleasant is in your mouth because
1. a prominent sign in toxemic newborn calves with colibacillosis. The calf is in a state of toxic shock, is hypothermic, recumbent and wet around the mouth to the point that fluid
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Your mouth could be watery because of taking dishes such as lemon juice or sour candy, which will make the saliva glands secrete excess saliva. Having a watery ...
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