What Causes Wind to Blow?


Wind is caused by differences in air pressure. When this difference exists the air will accelerate from the high pressure area towards the low pressure area. The two major driving factors of this phenomenon are the differential heating of the equator and poles, and the rotation of the Earth itself.
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Answer Air at the equator is warmed by the direct rays of the sun while air at the poles is cooled because the suns rays are not so direct, in fact, totally missing for half the year
Difference in atmospheric pressure causes the wind to blow. Wind usually blows from high pressure to low pressure. The differences in atmospheric pressure can be caused by uneven
The solar wind originates in the corona, the sun's outer atmosphere. The temperature of the corona is vastly higher than that of the layer below it on the sun. In fact, it is so high
I don't believe any one particular thing makes the wind blow in The Happening, I believe it simply blows naturally as wind tends to do.
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