What channel is ABC on Dish Network?


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The channel a given television network airs on is dependent on your location and what type of service you have.
ABC is on WABC-TV 7 in New York City, KABC-TV 7 in Los Angeles, WLS-TV 7 in Chicago, WPVI-TV 6 in Philadelphia, and KGO-TV 7 in San Francisco.
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ABC Kids is broadcast on Saturday morning on your local ABC channel.
ABC is channel 245. NBC is channel 241. Below is a link to the guide listings I found. @ Source(s) http://www.skydeals.us/fulllist.htm.
I think it is 241 or 242
If you are Denver, its 7. You need to be much much more specific.
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ABC Family is an additional channel provided by the ABC network. It is considered a pay channel and is offered by Dish Network and several other cable providers. ABC Family features a wide variety of family-friendly programs and movies.

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