What channel is CBS on cable?


The local CBS channel number will change based on location as well as cable provider. In Harrisburg, PA, for example, CBS is channel 24. In some places in Ohio, however, it is channel 11.
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For Time Warner Cable, in San Antonio Texas, CBS is on Channel 5. ChaCha again!
Channel 13 here (southwest)
On Northland Cable Television in SC, Channel 7 is CBS; 13 is ABC & 5 is NBC & 401 is the free HD CBS!
I have no clue.
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The channel a given television network airs on is dependent on your location and what type of service you have.
CBS is on WCBS-TV 2 in New York City, KCBS-TV 2 in Los Angeles, WBBM-TV 2 in Chicago, KYW-TV 3 in Philadelphia, KTVT 11 in Dallas, and KPIX 5 in San Francisco.
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