What Channel Is the Football on Tonight?


To find out the channel hosting football tonight, you can visit timeout.com, viewlondon.co.uk, dragonlink.co.uk, offtolondon.com and 10best.com. While in either of these websites, you can search for the channel offering football tonight.
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ESPN (33) College Football : "Florida State at North Carolina State"
It's on ABC tonight and tomorrow night at 6 PM central.
NFL Network. Most of the country is rooting for Favre and the Jets to give the Patriots an old fashion @ss kicking ! UPDATE : JETS WIN , TAKE OVER 1ST. Source(s) Packer fan.
Thu, Sept 08, 2011: New Orleans Saints vs Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, 8:30 PM ET. You can watch it on NBC.
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National Football League
Team information:
You can get a list of channels that are to air football matches on a any day through the following site.
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