What Chemical Reaction Occurs in an Ice Pack?


In an ice pack, the reaction is endothermic, meaning heat is absorbed rather than expelled. Ice packs generally contain two separate ingredients that, when combined, react and the pack becomes cold. Two common chemical compounds often found in ice packs are ammonium chloride and urea.
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The hydrochloric acid will react with the zinc to produce zinc chloride and hydrogen gas. It looks like this: 2HCl + Zn = ZnCl. 2. H. 2.
Exothermic;energy is used. endothermic;energy is a product/given out.
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The kind of chemical reaction that occurs in an ice pack is endothermic. The reaction usually involves water and ammonium chloride. The cold pack is activated by breaking the barrier separating the water and ammonium chloride, thus allowing them to mix.
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