What chickens lay pink eggs?


A breed of chicken known as an Easter egger lays pink eggs, according to Moose Manor Farms. Sometimes also referred to as "mutt" chickens, Easter eggers are often crosses between other colored egg layers such as the Ameraucana.

Easter eggers lay not only pink eggs, but also a variety of blue, green and other pastel-colored eggs. While these chickens are known for their cheerful colored eggs, they are also known for being a very friendly breed of chicken. With lineage that can be traced back to South America, the Easter egger has a rich and long history in the poultry world.

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A pink or pigmented egg shell is the result of the hen depositing pigments on the shell during egg formation.
A chicken only begins to lay an egg once they receive a light cue. The light stimulates something called the 'photo-receptive gland' by the chicken's eye, which then triggers the
Of the many breeds of chickens in the world, only three lay blue eggs. The Araucana, the Ameraucana and the Easter Egger. These chickens are usually bred for the purpose of selling
The Chickens and hens lay their
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What Chickens Lay Pink Eggs?
Most consumers are familiar with white and brown chicken eggs sold at farm stands, grocery stores and health food stores alike. Though most breeds of hens produce eggs in these familiar colors, a few special varieties lay eggs with blue, green or pink... More »
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There is no specified time when chickens stop laying eggs. Female chickens, or hens, lay eggs for the majority of their lives, from about six months of age onward.Hens ...
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