What city is currently known as istanbul, and was the city of byzantium?


The modern day city of Istanbul use to be known as Constantinople as well as Byzantium. Istanbul is found in the northwest corner of Turkey. It has a modern day population of over 12 million people.
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Byzantium (bih-ZAN-shee-uhm or bih-ZAN-tee-uhm; Greek: ?????????,
Hey, Leaky P... As an ex-Cincinnatian, I've always wondered how Losantiville could possibly have meant "city opposite the mouth of the Licking", which I was always told
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Istanbul is a city in Turkey, which was historically known as Byzantium. Byzantium was established by Greek colonists from Megara in 667 BC and was named after ...
The city-state Megara founded Byzantium, which turned into the modern day Istanbul. Megara was known for its textiles. They were also a coastal city. ...
Former name of Istanbul is: Constantinople Before is was renamed Constantinople (in honor of the Roman emperor Constantine, this city was called Byzantium). ...
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