What Clothing Do Muslims Wear?


Muslims do not have a specific mode of dressing but Muslim women usually cover their whole body and the Hijab is the required dress for them. During pilgrimage the required mode of dressing for men is two white cloths, one of which covers the body from the waist down, and one that is gathered around the shoulder. Women usually wear a simple white dress and headscarf, or their own native dress.
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What Types of Clothing Do Muslims Wear?
Muslims are known for their very modest clothing. The Quran, the holy book of Islam, teaches Muslims to "lower their gaze and be modest," according to islamicclothing.org. Muslims believe dressing modestly demonstrates their obedience to God and allows... More »
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Muslim men can wear anything that covers them from the naval to the knees. They however should not wear silk garments or ornaments made of gold such as rings or necklaces. Women are forbidden from wearing anything that does not cover the whole body except the hands and the face. The most common type of clothing for women is the Hijab, a scarf that covers their hair and neck.
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