What coins are worth money?


To know what coins are worth money, it is always good to use the penny price guide. Pennies that were minted in the early forties are not of much worth as of those minted recently. Before a coin is value, its value should be first known.
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Answer There are really several answers to this question, dealt with below. Legal tender value Legal tender refers to lawful money issued by the central bank or mint of the country.
The half-cent liberty cap was first made in 1793. The coin was worth 1/200th of a dollar. Today, the circulated half-cent liberty caps from 1793 through 1797 are worth between $500
Currently, 1 Mexican Peso is equal to $0.0713 United States
The money from Hong Kong is probably worth something for a collector because I don't think that type is still being circulated. The chinese now control hong kong and I think the currency
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