What Color Eyeshadow Should I Wear?


When applying eye shadow, you need to pay attention to your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour.
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You should wear bright colours that make your eyes pop out more such as purples or pinks or blues or even gold,silver or maybe brown.
1. Determine your skin tone. Dark skinned women should wear darker eyeshadow colors and avoid light or white shades. Lighter or fair skinned women should stick to lighter colors,
you can use a contrast eye shadow consisting pink and white.i hope it will make yours eye beautiful and it will go with yours dress as well.
1. Look carefully at your eyes. Determine the color of them. Are they hazel, brown, green, blue? Ad. 2. If your eyes are blue: swipe a bronze and purple eye shadow over your lid.
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Choose a simple, natural color that softly contrasts with the shade of your eyes.
Don't choose a color just because you like it, choose colors that go well with your skin tone and on special occasions you can match your eyeshadow with your clothes.
The eyeshadow colours one chooses should be based on skintone, eye colour and hair colour. Neutral looks good on everyone. A guide would be: Green eyes: Purples, pinks, and reds, Blue eyes: Oranges, coppers, golds and Hazel eyes: Warm tones, bronzes, greens
The color of eye shadow you wear would be determined by the color of your eyes. For green eyes, purples, pinks and reds would look great. For brown eyes, bronzes, greens and browns would be good. Oranges, coppers and golds would go with blue eyes.
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