Color Goes with Teal?


Teal goes with other blues, purples and greens, as well as some orange colours. Also known as turquoise, it is a low-saturation color, a bluish-green to dark medium, similar to medium blue-green and dark cyan.
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Well, whether you are matching up a shirt with a pair of pants OR carpet with wall paint, oranges, yellows and browns seem to go the best with green. Unless it is neon green then,
Coral or a pale yellow complements it very well!
salmon pink it the PERFECT color, pair strappy heels, with a salmon colored chunky necklace, and the teal dress, and perfecto, the link is just some ideas, i also put in a teal dress
The color teal green is a lighter color green. You can see a picture of the color scarf at
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Looking at a color wheel, the color matching teal would be coral. However, teal also goes well with navy, pink, cream, and brown and gold tones.Teal is a combination ...
You can go with teal, Cream, champagne, pale yellow ,orange, gold, apricot, amber, sand beige, ivory or black are the colors that matches coral since they are ...
Brown pants are best matches with shirts that are white, cream, pink or teal in color. Avoid red, black and green shirts. ...
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