What Color Is a Polar Bears Skin?


The colour of a polar bear's skin is black. The mammals are also known to have transparent and colourless fur, which appears to be white due to the reflection of light.
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A polar bear looks white to us, but the truth is the fur is clear. It is the same as white snow. We know the snow is made of clear water, but it looks white because of the way the
Contrary to most peoples' beliefs, the polar bears skin colour is actually Black.
The polar bear's skin is actually black, which allows it to soak up as much
Polar bear's skin is black, its fur is actually transparent, light is reflected to give the white appearance!
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Polar bears are among the largest members of the bear family. The fur colour varies from pure white to a yellowish hue. Their outer fur called 'guard hair' is actually clear and hollow (like a tiny glass tube).
Although polar bears fur and underfur (there are actually two layers of polar bear fur) are both white, the skin of the polar bear is actually black. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polar_bear
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The polar bears are adapted to their environment by having a big layer of fat under their skin which helps them stay warm. They also have paws which are widened ...
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