What Color Is Coral?


Coral is a colour in between orange and red. It can range from a shade of pink to a soft terra cotta. It is also referred to as salmon, peach, apricot or melon.
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Depends on the region, type and algae growing on it. Coral can be any colour through the colour spectrum.
Coral usually feed on various plankton and small shrimp. They may also use Zoxanthella , which is a type of protozoa, as an energy source.
.rings or bands that are black, yellow, and red, although the color and pattern of
Red corals grow about three feet tall, in a bush shape. They tend to grow in dark environments, in places with little sediment. The main corals defined as "red coral" are
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Coral comes in many different colors. There is no normal color coral comes in since it has be found in yellow, green, blue, red, orange, purple, and even green.
The color of coral in the ocean can be found in almost any color in the rainbow. I have seen coral while diving in blue, red, pink, yellow, tan, grey, lavender, white and black. There are some coral's that grow quickly and are actually harvested and then dyed into a wide variety of colors for use in jewelry. You can find more information here: http://www.home-jewelry-business-success-tips.com/coral.html
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The color coral is a mix of pink and tangerine, you could try a ratio of three parts pink to one part tangerine for a vivid shade of coral. If a paler shade is ...
You can go with teal, Cream, champagne, pale yellow ,orange, gold, apricot, amber, sand beige, ivory or black are the colors that matches coral since they are ...
The coral colour is a colour that is between orange and red. It is a warm and crisp colour that when used brightens the space where it is used. This colour can ...
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