What Color Is Each Planet?


The colours of the planets are as follows Mercury is grey, Venus is yellowish-white, the Earth is light blue and Mars is red and orange. Others include Jupiter, which is orange, Saturn which is pale yellow, Uranus is light blue, Neptune which is light blue and Pluto is light brown.
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Mercury: Brown. Venus: Yellow w. Brown Stripes. Earth: Blue/ Green/ Brown/ White. Mars: Reddish-Orange. Jupiter: Gold/ Reddish-Orange/ Brown + Great Red Spot Rings: Gray. Saturn:
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Mercury looks very much like the Moon. It's a greyish, cratered world. Venus is a yellowish-white, clouded world; the clouds are made of sulfuric acid. I assume you know what the
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The color of the planets vary. Mercury is gray. Venus is a yellowish color. The Earth is blue, white and green. Mars is red. Jupiter looks striped with orange and white. Saturn is a yellowish orange color. Uranus is a blue green. Neptune is blue. You can find more information here: http://www. aerospaceweb. org/question/astronomy/q0264. shtml
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