What Color Is Magenta?


Magenta is the secondary color created by mixing red and blue. It is the color halfway between red and blue and is composed of an equal percentage of red and blue. Another name for magenta is fuchsia, named after the fuchsia flower.
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Try red (not an orange red) with a tiny bit of blue. Add a tiny bit of white to lighten
Magenta is a color of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life. The color magenta helps to create
Colors are what you see when your eye interprets electromagnetic radiation. And because every eye is different, there will always be some slight color variations between people. So
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Magenta is a mixture of violet and red.
The colours that make magenta are red and blue. Magenta colour represents a nonconformist and very strong willed people. The people are believed to always dance according to the beat of their own drum.
Magenta is sort of a purplish-pinky kind of a color. Some people call it fuchsia, some call it a shade of hot pink. The color was originally made in 1859.
Magenta is a beautiful pinkish wine color. Magenta is similar to maroon in color but it has more pink in it. Magenta is one of the most beautiful colors in the red family.
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A combination of the colors red and blue make magenta. Magenta represents nonconformist, strong-willed, artistic people who dance to the beat of their own drum. ...
Magenta is the halfway colour between red and blue and is made up of mixing equal percentages of both colours. It is sometimes confused with the colours pink and ...
Magenta is a light purplish red colour. It is one of the primary subtractive colours, and is complementary to green. It is part of the CMYK colour system that ...
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