What Color Is Nickel?


Nickel is a metal that has a lustrous finish with a metallic sheen and silver tinge. Glass blowers use nickel to color glass green. Nickel is sometimes called false copper because of the green coloration it gives to glass and pottery, but naturally it is silvery white when polished.
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Nickel is a flame color of
A tarnished nickel is said to have a "yellow" color. A tarnished nickel also has a dull shine giving it an antique appearance. report this answer. Answered by kgb agent
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Nickel is a silvery white metal found in the mines of such areas of Cuba, Australia, Indonesia and Ontario. It is used in such things as stainless steel and burglar-proof vaults.
Nickel is actually a very commonly used element. It is silvery-white in its most natural form. Nickel is also a lustrous metal that contains a slightly golden tinge to it in its appearance.
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