What Color Is Opaque?


There is no definite colour of an opaque object. This is because the colour of the substance depends on the colour of the light that is reflected on it. Examples of opaque objects include wood, soil and stone blocks.
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What Are Opaque Colors?
In crafting with paper, glass or even paints and stains, opaque is a term used to describe the material's ability to block light. Opaque means light cannot travel through the object; in other words, it is neither translucent nor transparent. Opaque... More »
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Opaque isn't an actual color, but it can be a type of color. When something is opaque, that means that you are not able to see through. The opposite of opaque is translucent.
The word opaque does not refer to any specific color; it describes any color or surface which cannot be seen beyond. The degree of opacity is the degree to which light is blocked when it comes in contact with a color or surface.
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Clear is not a color, it is an indication of an object's opacity. Opacity is how opaque an object is. It varies from opaque to translucent to clear, clear is an ...
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