What color is peat?


Peat is a brownish color. The compact brownish deposit is made up of partially decomposed plant matter that is saturated in water. It is found in uplands and bogs that are located in temperate and cold regions. It is used as fertilizer, and dried peat is burned as fuel.

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, peatification is the process of plant matter becoming peat. It is influenced by different factors, such as the nature of the plant material deposited, the availability of nutrients to support bacterial life, the availability of oxygen, the acidity of the peat and temperature. The formation of peat is the first step in the process of forming coal. As the depth of burial and temperature of peat increases, it starts to change into different types of coal.

Q&A Related to "What color is peat?"
Usually dark brown to blackish.
Peat moss is a type of moss, used in potting soil mixes. It provides drainage and a slight acidity to the mix. Peat moss helps retain water, but it does allow oxygen to be available
Peat occurs in swampy areas. It is a partially-rotted material composed of dead plants that have not fully decomposed due to the fact that they have not been exposed to air. Peat
(pēt) n. Partially carbonized vegetable matter, usually mosses, found in bogs and used as fertilizer and fuel. [Middle English pete, perhaps from Medieval Latin peta.] peaty
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