What Color Is Pewter?


The colour of pewter is dark gray. Pewter is an alloy that is composed of almost pure tin. It has a different kind of shading which makes it a bit different from the normal colour of gray.
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The word pewter is used to refer to a malleable metal alloy that is made of tin and traces of copper, antimony, lead and bismuth. Pewter usually has a dark grey colour similar to that of metal. The word is a variation of spelter which is the colloquial name for zinc.
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Pewter, is in the neutral family, and is a muted silver-gray color.True neutral colors are pure black, pure white and grays. Neutral colors can be divided into ...
Pewter is a metal alloy which is malleable. It looks like a dull grey color and consists of mostly tin. Pewter is often used to make plates, utensils and decor. ...
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