Color of Sperm?


The colour of sperm is whitish yellow and semi translucent. After about thirty minutes, the semen tends to turn runny and clear. Sperm or semen is the male reproductive fluid that contains spermatozoa in its suspension.
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Maybe you ate too much chocolate? or your poo got lost and came out the wrong way. Red or Brown Colored Semen. If your semen is stained with a red or brown colored fluid it may well
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Sperm is the reproductive cell of the male. It is a whitish, clear-like liquid. It can take on other colors such as yellow due to diet and health.
Sperm is a milky white color. In some men it can be a yellowish white color. Sperm is sort of the consistency of a gel. Some people think sperm is good for your complexion but there is no scientific basis for that.
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The color of sperm depends on the last time of ejaculation. The more often a person ejaculates, the more the sperm gets thinner and more liquid. Sperm color can ...
There is no color. It is what one would call transparent. Some will say the color is white but that is not true. It is clear or transparent. ...
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