What Color Is Uranus?


Uranus is light blue in the picture.Methane possesses prominent absorption bands in the visible and near-infrared (IR) making Uranus aquamarine or cyan in color.
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Uranus is blue because there are frozen gasses that froze because clouds on Uranus block it can't get any any heat from the sun and not to mention that its so far away from the sun!
Both Uranus and Neptune have a greenish or bluish color. This color results from
Not humorous. Methane is common in the outer solar system. You should check out Saturn's moon Titan. It has oceans of methane.. Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranus http
actually there are allots but i will just list uh 3 : Uranus has spots,Uranus was discovered by a telescope and Uranus is name after the god of the skies which i think would be Zeus
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Uranus is light blue.
The color comes from methane clouds.
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The color of Uranus is a baby blue color, due to the methane gas that it's clouds are made up of. At certain times, some telescopes will pick the planet up with a color of light blue and pale green.
The atmosphere on Uranus gives it a beautiful blueish green color. It is actually the methane, which is the third most common element on Uranus that causes it to have this color.
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