What colors make brown?


The colours that are mixed together to make brown are red and green. Brown is refereed to as the colour of the earth and it is abundant in nature. This colour is normally used to refer to the animal fur, human hair and also human pigmentation.
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Brown can be made by mixing a primary color and its compliment or by mixing all three primary colors together.
Colour brown can be made by mixing a number of colours. For instance, you can make brown colour by mixing colour blue and yellow which are both primary colours to get green which is a secondary colour. After that, add red which is a primary colour to get brown. Brown is a tertiary colour. Visit the site howtomakebrown for an alternative way to make the brown colour.
There are several methods to get brown: 1. Red + Green(mix yellow primary + blue primary) 2. Yellow + Purple(mix red primary + blue primary) 3. Blue + Orange (mix red primary + yellow primary)
Mixing two unlikely colors will result in brown. Those colors are red and green believe it or not. All colors are made by a deliberate mixing of the primary colors, red, yellow, blue and green.
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Brown colour can be created by mixing red with green since green is a secondary colour containing blue and yellow. However, browns contain all three of the primary ...
You can make brown paint by mixing together colours that are opposites, such as purple and yellow, or mixing together blue and orange. Another way of obtaining ...
The color brown is a mixture of three or more colors. The colors you choose depends on the shade of brown you want. Mixing blue, yellow and green is one combination ...
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