What Colors Are Dolphins?


Dolphins have many different colours ranging from killer whales, which have black and white patches, while bottle nose dolphins have a soft grey colour. Other species of have lighter and darker colours on the belly. This kind of pattern is known as counter-shading.
3 Additional Answers
Dolphins can be gray, brown, black, blue, and/or white in colour. The most known dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin is gray with a lighter belly. There is a record of a pink dolphin, which lives in the Amazon river.
The well known colour for dolphin is grey with a lighter belly. There also dolphins for all various colours though the common one is a mixture of grey with white. The Commerson's dolphin is black and white and also there is a pink dolphin which can be found in the Amazon River.
There are different types of dolphins with varying colors. The bottlenose dolphin is gray in color, the killer whale dolphin is black and white and some types are a solid black color.
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