What are the colors of the planets in our solar system?


The following are the planets and their corresponding colours; Mercury is orange; Venus is yellow; Earth is blue, brown and green; Mars is red; Jupiter is yellow, red, brown and white; Saturn is yellow; Uranus is green; Neptune is blue and Pluto is yellow.
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Jupiter is a light brown color with some White banding. It has a large red spot south of it's equator, which is a large storm system that has been raging for may years. Jupiter has
Atmospheric chemical composition Its temperature.
pale yellow; white ammonia haze covers the whole planet and partially obscures redder clouds below. Currently Saturn's northern hemisphere is blue. Scientists think that because the
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Mercury is Grey in color.Venus is yellowish and white in color.Earth is light blue in color.Mars is red orange.Jupiter has orange and white bands.Saturn Pale yellow.Uranus and Neptune Light blue.Pluto is light brown in color.
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