What Colors Attract Men?


The colors that attract men depend on what kind of woman he is interested in. Red is definitely an eye catching color, whereas pastel would signal that you are demure and sweet. Black would be considered mysterious, and yellow, bold and adventurous.
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red. it's a known fact. so wear red on your next date!!
Honeysuckles. Honeysuckles are not only pretty but also very sweet-smelling. Types of honeysuckles include both vines and shrubs. If you decide to go with the vines, make sure you
Black could be effective as well as red. It also depends on what you are wearing.
I have fallen really, really hard for three men with bipolar disorder so far in my life. They are smart, fiesty, creative, talkative and confident. Never saw them in the down stages
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There are various colours that attract men including deep red, burgundy, brown, black, green and plum. This is, however, varied from one man to another, as others are attracted by factors other than colour.
They say that the color Red is the main attraction color for men, but it may depend on the particular man's desires, preferences, likes, and dislikes.
Men like many colors like women do. Colors that women like will attract men such as pink, lavender, blue and more. It is more the person that a man is attracted to, not the colors she is wearing.
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