What Colors Make Purple?


Colour purple is associated with royalty, mystery, wisdom and magic. Purple is made up of mixing equal amounts of red and blue
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The two colors that make purple are red and blue. If you want a lighter purple you add more red (with a bit of white for lavender) A darker purple will need more blue.
If you mix red and blue, purple will be created!
1. Boot up Flipnote by tapping the "Flipnote" icon on the DSi menu screen. 2. In order to access Layers in the Flipnote Studio Advanced Tools will need to be activated.
Have you seen my three year old paint? All the colors mixed together and a picture that is mostly black. The color black is defined as the presence of all color so it makes sense
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In traditional color theory violet is a secondary color. It is a mixture of red and blue.
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The colours that are combined to get purple are red and blue. Purple is a colour of royalty associated with spirituality and nobility. Some of its shades are amethyst ...
Purple is a range of hues of colour that occur between two colours, red and blue. The colour is defined as a secondary colour as it shades are made up from the ...
Purple is obtained by mixing red and blue colours. Purple colour is associated with both nobility and spirituality. Purple is a secondary colour and it is found ...
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