What Colors Make Silver?


Silver is not made up of a mixture of colours but it is as a result of the shiny effect of metallic surfaces. It can not be produced by simulation even in computer display or any other complex system except by directing a light beam on a silvery surface to produce the shiny effect of silver. Silver is considered to be a colour of glamour and a symbol of wealth.
Q&A Related to "What Colors Make Silver?"
black,white, and if you want, sparkles☺.
One especially appropriate choice with silver hair are colors that are variations of silver, gray and white. Note that while these choices will put some of the focus on your hair,
Silver is a metallic color so it cannot be exactly replicated. You can mix black and
Color is actually the color of the light wave that gets reflected from a surface.For example if a car is red, a red color light is reflected from the car and the remaining 6 colors
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