What Colors Suit My Skin Tone?


There are two basic skin tones cool and warm. You can decide what you are by investigating the color of your veins as seen on the underside of your arm.
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What Colors Suit Your Skin Tone?
Light, medium or olive and brown are the three main skin tones. Caucasians generally have porcelain, light-skinned complexions. Latinos, people of mixed race and Asians generally have an olive or medium skin tone. African-Americans and Indians have a... More »
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The colours that fit your skin tone depends on your skin tone.
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Using a skin tone color chart can help determine what colors suit a person's skin tone. The two major tones are winter complexion and summer complexion. Winter ...
The colours that suit you best depends on different factors including skin complexion and skin tone. ...
You will look best in a hair colour that complements your natural skin tone. Tone is used to describe the warmth or coolness of a colour. In general, warm colours ...
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