What comes in groups of six?


Groups of 6, or sextets, are of no particular mathematical significance. But there are still plenty of significant groups that exist when thinking of things that come in groups of 6.

The cardboard cartons that six packs of beer and soda used to be exclusively sold in began to be phased out by the ubiquitous plastic set of rings in 1960. They have since been discovered to be a serious form of marine litter which can harm wildlife.

Groups of six, or a half dozen, are the perfect number of bagels, eggs, pastries, muffins or other grocery items usually sold by the dozen.

In poetry, a six-line stanza is known as a sestet. The Italian Petrarchan sonnet form, made up of a rhyming octave and a rhyming sestet, was lampooned in Shakespeare's Sonnet 130.

A healthy diet is one that includes all six of the major food groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins and oils.

A complete volleyball team is made up of six players per side, although only a minimum of four are required to play.

Musical groups with six members are known as sextets.

"Groups of Six" is a popular crossword puzzle clue, which can be answered by any of the above.

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six pack of soda.
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