What Comet Is Visible Every 76 Years?


The comet that becomes visible after every 76 years is Halley's Comet. It usually gets closer to the sun than usual. The comet was last seen in 1986 in the inner solar system.
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Halley's comet swings around Earth every 76 year, so in other words, you can see Halley's comet from Earth every 76 years.
Jacob Jackson.
From the Earth's surface, without a telescope, it'll probably be either late 2060 or early 2061. That's 50 years from now, and I personally won't EVER see it again. For you, depending
76 years is how long Halley's Comet takes to swing round the Sun.
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Halley's comet is the one that is visible every 76 years, and this is at a point when it gets closer to the sun than usual, so that we can see it with the untrained eye.
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