What Contains C H and O in the Ratio Ch2o?


One thing that contains C, H, and O in the ratio CH2O is glucose. It is a simple sugar. The body can break down the simple sugar in order to produce energy.
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Carbohydrates such as GLUCOSE. The organic compound that contains C, H, and O in the ratio CH. 2. O is the carbohydrate. glucose. (C6H12O6) although this is not the general formula
Carbon doesn't chemically react with water. Although CH2O is is an empiric formula CH2O x6 = C6H12O6 which, as most people will recognise, is the formula for glucose. When a plant
CH2O is the chemical composition of formaldehyde.
1.85 : 1
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My chemistry professor told me that fatty acids contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and the ratio of C and H to O is much greater on the C/H side. These carboxylic ...
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