On what continent is Tahiti located?


Tahiti is an island found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is part of a group of islands named French Polynesia. Technically Tahiti is not part of a continent as a continent is defined as a continuous mass of land. However, sometimes Tahiti is grouped with Oceana - Australia, New Zealand (etc).
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Tahiti is in Europe. it is a island. Ommn baby> Class of 2015.
OCEANIA; the smallest continent, is one of the most diverse and fascinating areas on the
That depends what time you ask the question! Tahiti, in French Polynesia and is included in the UTC/GMT -10 hours timezone. Let's say you're in Tahiti at 5 PM (after all, it's 5 o'clock
they are famous for their black pearl.
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French Polynesia is located in Oceania, archipelagoes in the South Pacific Ocean about half way between South America and Australia
The term continent does not only mean the land masses but it also refers to the particular region. Britain is not physically connected with the European continent but it is part of Europe. Tahiti is considered part of Oceania/Australasia and Iceland is European.
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