Continents in Eastern Hemisphere?


Continents in the Eastern Hemisphere include the most of Europe, all of Asia and Australia, half of Antarctica and most of Africa. It includes all the countries that are on the East of the Prime Meridian. The prime meridian at 180 º longitude divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres.
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Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and about half of antarctica.
The continents of the Eastern hemisphere are: Europe, Asia, Africa, an. Source(s):
North America makes up half of the Western hemisphere, and only has three countries - the USA, Canada and Mexico. Both the USA and Canada are extremely large, with Canada having the
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Continents that are not in the eastern hemisphere are North America and South America. You will find that Antarctica is found on the western hemisphere. Antarctica ...
Continents that are both in what is referred to as the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres are Asia and Antarctica. Parts of another continent follows this trend ...
The earth is divided into four hemispheres namely the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. Different continents and countries fall into different hemispheres ...
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