What countries are in the EMEA?


EMEA includes all countries from Europe, The Middle East and Africa. these include United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, South Africa, Egypt
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EMEA stands for one of two things. European Medicine Agency can be one of the meanings for the acronym EMEA. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa can be the other meaning. You can
Europe, the Middle East and Africa
European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products
Belize is actually a country itself and was once part of Guatemala. It is located just south of Mexico and just east of Guatemala in Central America. Belize is known for it's eco
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South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Canada, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, and United Kingdom are the countries that make up EMEA. EMEA is an acronym of Europe, Middle East, and Africa
The acronyms EMEA stand for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which are regional designation used for government, marketing and business purposes.
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